Duffle / Travel Bags

The LederMann bag company has been selling high quality leather duffle and travel bags for years.

The classic designs on our leather bags keeps them relevant for every men’s fashion trend that comes out each year.


Men who buy a duffle or travel bag have a practical purpose in mind when making their selection. Bag space considerations which means it must be able to carry everything you need on your travels, but can still be hand-carried on the train, bus, or airplane. Stylish men would prefer to have all of that plus the added bonus of a bag that would match their look.

Men who regularly go on business trips will find the LederMann bag more appealing because our bags give off a professional feel due to the refined leather material used in the construction of the bag. Your clients would be immediately impressed on the sense of style and purpose you arrive in once you get to your meeting.

Travellers should have a handy duffle/travel bag at home so they can easily pick it up, fill it with clothes and travel items, then, hand-carry on your trip. People who travel by plane will find the LederMann bags quite reliable because it can fit into the overhead storage cabins of most commercial airline.

We followed the allowable dimensions for hand-carry luggage set by aviation authorities when we made our travel bags. This is the latest feature we adopted for our newest bag models at LederMann leather. You can fill it with things you need during your travel and it will still fit inside the small passenger storage cabins.

It reduces the number of bags you'd be checking in at the counter before your flight. And if you do just bring the a single LederMann travel bag on your trip you can be assured that it will keep all your travel essentials inside.

Since the discovery of leather as a material for bags and luggage, it has now become a standard in formal meetings and other civil events. Travellers would look swell when they carry a travel bag or duffle bag from the LederMann collection. It's both the practical and affordable choice.

The full grain leather material used in all the LederMann bags make it durable enough to use in each and every travel you go on for years. Aside from the quality, the make and design of our bags are all classics so they never go out of style.

Our customers love the quality and affordability that comes with the LederMann duffle and travel bag. They always leave satisfied with our products which is why they continue to remain loyal to our brand for all these years.

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