Frequently Asked Questions

1) How do I place an order?

You may place an order
onlineany time day or night. Simply navigate to the product page you desire and click add to cart. Then check out and follow the directions given.

2) How do I check my order?

We will email you with your tracking number when your order has shipped. You can log onto the shipping company’s website and input the tracking number. You may also contact us via Contact Us Form on the website with any question regarding your order. Please be sure to include your order number, name and address.

3) How do I clean and care for my leather?

Rarely does our leather bag become completely wornout. Every piece is so well made that it actually looks better over time. Follow these simple instructions to ensure that your leather pieces will last and last.

i) Surface dirt

For surface dirt, simply wipe clean with a soft damp cloth

ii) Minor scuffs

Lightly rub the marks with your fingertips.
If thescuff is more serious, use leather mink oil as a conditioner. Always apply a small amount onto a clean, dry cloth and rub gently into the leather, evenly covering a complete section or panel of the product in order to achieve a uniform appearance. When dry, gently buff the leather with a dry, clean cloth.

iii) Suede:

Brush any loose dirt off with a soft brush.

iV) Fabrics:

Fabrics can be cleaned with a mild solution of neutral detergent mixed with warm water. Mix approximately one teaspoon for each pint of water. A clean, white cloth dampened with this solution should be used to "lift" out the stain by blotting the complete area. Never scrub or brush one particular spot on your bag. This could lighten the color of your fabric. It is always best to clean a complete section of the product to achieve a uniform appearance. Removal of stains is usually easier when the stains are cleaned immediately.

* Never dry clean or machinewash any of our leather pieces.

4) Will my laptop fit?

Measure your laptop from side to side since a laptop's advertised size is defined by the diagonal width of the screen. Most 17" laptops have a 15.5" wide body. Measure your laptop and see how wide it is and then buy a bag with the correct measurement accordingly.

5) What kind of animal leather is used in the products?

Our pieces are made of Full Grain Leather premium tanned and made 100% from Cow or Buffalo hides. Full Grain Leather is the best leather money can buy. It comes from the top layer of the hide that have not been sanded to remove imperfections on the surface of the hide. It has all of the grain allowing the fiber strength and durability.