Extra Large 21" LederMann Bridle Leather Travel Bag

Extra Large 21" LederMann Bridle Leather Travel Bag
Extra Large 21" LederMann Bridle Leather Travel Bag Extra Large 21" LederMann Bridle Leather Travel Bag Extra Large 21" LederMann Bridle Leather Travel Bag Extra Large 21" LederMann Bridle Leather Travel Bag Extra Large 21" LederMann Bridle Leather Travel Bag
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Need more and more spaces? This bag is designed to fit your travel needs. This LederMann Extra Large Leather Travel Bag is HUGE, measured at 21"W x 12"H x 10"D Inch with wide opening for easy packing and unpacking. It allows fitting all your clothing easily for travel including laptop. Apart from the roomy main compartment, there is large frontal pocket, side pockets and zipped back pocket to keep your other stuffs for travel, eg. Books, magazines, maps, travel documents, cables, earphones, sunglasses, torch light and other electronic gear. Adjustable and removable leather shoulder strap for shoulder carries. You can adjust the long shoulder strap to your comfortable level when shoulder carry and it come with a shoulder pad for extra comfort and release pressure on your shoulder. There is also heavy duty and comfortable leather handles if you prefer to carry by hand. There are studs at the bottom of the bag for extra protection when leaving your bag on the floor.

This LederMann leather travel bag is made of few large pieces of 2.6 mm (6 - 7 oz) thick bridle leather combining with heavy duty hardware and fine workmanship. Leather is premium tanned, smooth finish with great hand feels and will definitely get better with ages. This bag will become heavy if loaded but offer convenience as you can fit all stuffs for your travel needs in this bag instead of multiple bags.

LederMann Leather Quality and Solid Construction.

What is Full Grain? What is Bridle Leather? Please see below:

Full Grain (the quality of leather used for making our bags) refers to the quality of leather and is the best quality leather money can buy. It does not been sanded or buffed to remove imperfections on the surface of leather. You can see scuffs, blemishes or natural marks on the surface of the leather that added characteristics. The grain remains in its natural state allowing the best fiber strength and durability, and is most suitable for creating our LederMann leather bags.

Bridle Leather (leather used for making our bags) is premium quality leather that has gone through an intensive finishing process. The making of bridle leather is expensive, only the best quality hides are chosen to go through the process, resulting in greater durability and are suitable for making LederMann leather briefcases and bags. It has both the Flesh and Grain side thoroughly impregnated with grease and finished with wax. This leather is very strong, durable and lasting in its ability to withstand heavy duty use and at the same time, still look great. It is attractive to look at; smooth finish and comfortable. Bridle leather is certainly got better with age.


* Leather: Thick Bridle Leather.
* Leather thickness: 6 - 7 oz (2.4 mm - 2.6 mm).
* Hardware: Heavy-duty Black Gun Metal.
* Thread: Heavy-duty Nylon Thread.
* Lining: Polyester.
* Stout rivets at all stress points.
* Bottom studs for extra protection.

Here is a breakdown of the complete features of this Extra Large LederMann Bridle Leather Travel Bag.

* Measurement: 21"W x 12"H x 10"D Inch - Wide opening for ease packing/unpack. Very spacious to pack all your clothing, leather shoes, toiletry bag, laptops, tablet, iPad, wallet and books etc.

* Security Straps/Closure - 3 security leather straps with heavy-duty press-locks for quick and easy access to main compartment.

* Handle: Leather handle made of leather construction that creates a smooth and comfortable experience.

* Shoulder Strap & shoulder pad: Adjustable and removable from 44" - 55" inch length with 1.5" inch wide leather shoulder strap for comfortable shoulder carry. It comes with a leather shoulder pad for extra comfort and release pressure on shoulder.

* Front pocket: 17"W x 9"H x 2"D Inch - 2 security leather straps with buckle closure to keep your folders, document and files etc.

* Back pocket: Large zipped back pocket for newspaper and magazines etc.

* Outer Side Pocket: Covered pocket each a side with buckle closure for sunglasses, batteries, earphones, iPod etc.

* Inner pockets: 2 open pockets for cards, tickets, bill, notes and etc. 1 rear zipper pocket for coins or valuable items.

* Key strap: A key strap that is attached to the inside of the bag to secure and quick access to keys.

* Inner: 2 adjustable and removable nylon straps for secure packing.

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