Tips to Maintain and Care for Leather Bags

So, you finally bought the leather bag you've been eyeing for months. It probably took a toll on your pocket, but leather bags are just so worth it, right? Leather products, including
bags are priced the way they are for a reason. They are luxurious looking with a long-term functionality. This is why you cannot easily find a good quality bag for a cheap price.

Just like any investment, you'd definitely want to ensure that your bag stays the course. Here's the good news, leather bags can actually last for years given proper care and maintenance. Yes, leather bags need some caring, too. In almost the same way you care for your shoes and jewelry. Before getting to the maintenance part, let's first try to understand how leather as a material work. This knowledge will eventually help in achieving the right care and maintenance needed for your leather bag. Read More...


Top Reasons to Buy Full-Grain Leather

When it comes to leather bags, never settle for less.
This is the kind of principle that we have always lived with being in the leather fashion industry. Undoubtedly, leather is one of the most luxurious and coveted material for just about
 anything, including bags, upholstery, shoes, and coats. This is more than just a trend. Apparently, several fashion manufacturers have seen the lasting functionality of leather as a material, and thus has made turned it into all sorts of products.

What happens when you settle for less? You also miss out on all the good and reliable things that a good leather can offer. There is a reason why most if not all leather products not sold cheap. Anyone who's had an owned their own leather bag will
attest to this.